Project My Time’s goal is to ensure that every child in DC has access to high quality programs after school, on the weekends and during the summer.

The initiative integrates the youth development approach into after-school programs, creating programs and services that support healthy development, school performance, and a smooth transition to high school. At a Project My Time site, students are offered a wide variety of activities that appeal to young people such as art and sports, and include academic enrichment and homework help to support scholastic success.   The original PMT sites now operate under the DCPS Afterschool Program.

Ward 1 - Columbia Heights
Educational Campus
Ward 4 - MacFarland Middle School      
Ward 5 - Marshall Educational Campus      
Ward 6 - Eliot-Hine Middle School    
Ward 6 - Jefferson Junior High School      
Ward 7 - Sousa Middle School      
Ward 7 - Kelly Miller Middle School      
Ward 8 - Charles Hart Middle School      


There are plenty of great choices for things to do after school!

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